G’day my name is Russ Pearce, welcome to my business, Tax by the Beach.

Well you may or may not have guessed it, I am tax agent. You are probably guessing right when you think I might not be your average tax agent. More like a Richard Branson approach to doing business.

I have thrown away that suffocating suit and tie, left concrete city high rises to operate my business by the beach.

Tax by the Beach is based in Newport, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Oh what a change and breath of fresh air. I feel energetic, productive and passionate in bringing a highly skilled, professional, fun and easy going approach to the work I do for my clients that I value very much.

To most people even the very thought of tax is enough to make the eyes roll and your head fell instantly sore, sound familiar?

Well that’s where I am different, you see, as strange as it sounds, I love tax. The feel and sounds of crunching numbers, solving equations gets my heart racing. My passion for numbers and helping people give me great satisfaction.


Enough about me how can this be of benefit to you?

Well as you may have picked up I love doing tax. The good news is that I prepare your return from start to finish. Whether you are a first time tax lodger or large corporate, you be getting my complete skill set.

Many accounting practices will have set of tax preparers who complete most of the work and then signed off by the agent when completed. I am hands on every step of the way.

I will make sure no rock is left unturned to ensure every possible deduction is claimed, correctly lodged and advise on possible future deductions. I can help you with tax tips and better methods of record keeping so that tax is a fun time of the year, well, at least with less headaches.


I take the pain out of tax and love it.

You can simply call or email me, and you don’t necessarily have to visit the beach office, you’re always welcome to of course.

A lot of clients email me what’s required and I take it from there. With a fast, effective, efficient service and completion time will be very pleased from the overall service this ole Bean Counter provides you.

You may wonder what the credentials of this mere bare footed (most of the time) tax agent accountant are. Well, I have done my fair share of hard yards over the years.

I completed my 13 years of study part time and worked in full time accounting roles to fast track my progress. By 33 I was a CPA with an MBA. The thirst for accounting knowledge didn’t dry and I became a registered tax agent in 2006.

My tax practice is growing nicely each year and I am intending to stick around a little longer yet. I still consult in a CFO role to my major corporate clients.

I am a big believer in work life balance.

Personally I love music, play guitar and write my own music, and play around the traps from time to time. It’s a great way to keep both sides of the brain functioning in balance.

Oh did I mention I love the beach, the sand and the ocean, in case you were wondering.

Enjoy my Beach office, Tax by the Beach. Not only for the best tax advice, quality service and great pricing, you will also find many tax tips and tools and other bits and pieces that will help you to live a happy, healthy and financially prosperous life.