This seems to be the catch phrase of the modern era, and for good reason. It’s been gradually getting worse.

Have a read of this neat snap shot by the SMH.

Whilst there seems to be a lot of attention for the large corporate and their employees it really does affect most people, especially those running their own business.


Old saying – too much work and not enough play makes for very dull day

If you’re finding it more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of your job and the rest of your life, you’re not alone.

Many people are putting in extra hours, or using their smart phones to be on call when they’re not physically at work.

“A lot of people are having a more difficult time finding balance in their lives because there have been cutbacks or layoffs where they work. They’re afraid it may happen to them, so they’re putting in more hours,” says psychologist Robert Brooks, PhD, co-author of The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence, and Personal Strength in Your Life.

“But even if you don’t have much control over the hours you have to work, you can ask yourself: In what other ways am I bringing greater enjoyment into my life?” Brooks says. “Focus your time and attention on things you can control.”

Usually frustration, poor sleep patterns, weight issues and general deteriorating health are common side effects. There is a lot of articles and research out there.

Here’s a simple 5 step program to manage things that you can control. No matter how many perceived hours you think you are required to work. I have a link from Robert Brooks who states it simply and effectively.

Here is a link to the full article, but I have chosen the best bits below:

1) Build downtime into your schedule

When you plan your week, make it a point to schedule time with your family and friends, and activities that help you recharge.

If a date night with your spouse or a softball game with friends is on your calendar, you’ll have something to look forward to and an extra incentive to manage your time well so you don’t have to cancel.

2) Drop activities that sap your time or energy

“Many people waste their time on activities or people that add no value — for example, spending too much time at work with a colleague who is constantly venting and gossiping,” says Marilyn Puder-York, PhD, a psychologist and executive coach in New York and Connecticut.

Take stock of activities that don’t enhance your career or personal life, and minimize the time you spend on them.

3) Rethink your errands

Consider whether you can outsource any of your time-consuming household chores or errands.

Could you order your groceries online and have them delivered? Hire a kid down the street to mow your lawn? Have your dry cleaning picked up and dropped off at your home or office? Don’t be shy to ask for help, or have a system with a few friends and help each other at suitable times. Share the load so you are not always on the run. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you may discover that the time you’ll save will make it worth it.

4) Get moving

It’s hard to make time for exercise when you have a jam-packed schedule, but it may ultimately help you get more done by boosting your energy level and ability to concentrate.

“Research shows exercise can help you to be more alert,” Brooks says. “And I’ve noticed that when I don’t exercise because I’m trying to squeeze in another half hour of writing, I don’t feel as alert.”

5) Remember that a little relaxation goes a long way

Don’t assume that you need to make big changes to bring more balance to your life. Brooks recommends setting realistic goals, like leaving the office earlier 1 night per week.

“Slowly build more activities into your schedule that are important to you,” he says. “Maybe you can start by spending an hour a week on your hobby of painting, or planning a weekend getaway with your partner or friends once a year.”

Even during a hectic day, you can take 10 or 15 minutes to do something that will recharge your batteries. Read a book, go for a walk, get out in nature, or listen to music.

Make the time for the little things that ignite your joy.

There’s a few simple pointers to help you get started, and begin to feel energised.

Something that works really well for me is spending at much time in nature as possible, being mostly the beach of course. A simple walk in the park can do the trick. It refreshes, allows your mind to rest and recharge the batteries so when you return to your workplace your productivity level will increase and allow you to stay focused longer.

And if all else is failing try saying this when you really feel under the pump.

I have an abundance of time, and clarity of mind.

You may be surprised how a little positive reinforcement can change the dynamics of your day, while getting your work done effectively and efficiently



I hope you have enjoyed learning some random tax facts and few tips to make your life more financially abundant.

Most importantly to live your life in balance, we are only here once. So whist most of us including me have to work for a living, we might as well enjoy it, whilst enjoying life to its fullest.

Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or feedback.

Most importantly if you have any effective tools that work for you let me know, I would love to share them on the site.